You Gotta Represent


That seems to be the “in” word right now among business and marketing circles.  I used to have a fairly negative view of the word, what with how trendy it seems to have become and my simply not wanting to hop onto that bandwagon.  But the more and more I think about it and its implications, the more I’m convinced that every professional needs to be mindful of branding.

Move over, Sally.  There’s a new passenger on the wagon.

But when it comes to branding, there’s so much more than the brand of “Me” or the brand of “You.”  When I’m teaching my sales and customer service classes, I like to remind my students that they are really representing not one but TWO different brands:

1.) The brand of “Me”

2.) The brand of “We” ( the company/product they represent)

When I’m out trying to make deals and create sales opportunities, my client isn’t just buying the product or service (though that is what it shows on the invoice) and everything that brand represents.  He’s also buying the brand of “Me”….and everything my brand represents.  Because, after all, if I want to generate repeat business I have to not only provide a superior product with superior value, but I also have to provide superior service to keep that customer happy and loyal and coming back for more.  The level of service and excellence I provide all goes into the brand of “Me.”

When you’re out selling and servicing, you really are representing two different brands.  And the reality is, the power of the brand of “Me” carries a lot more weight that the brand of the product or service you’re selling, because as a sales professional it’s going to be you who makes or breaks the deal.  Always.  They might be able to get a lower price down the street on the same product, but because “Me” provides the most superior service anywhere, chances are you’re going to be able to service them into a sale and build a loyal customer for life.

It’s a huge responsibility being in sales and service.  You’re representing your own personal brand as well as the company brand.  Be excellent with both angles and watch your sales and revenue continue driving upward.

QUESTION:  What does it mean to you to represent your personal brand?  Share with us below in a comment.


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