Speedy Service?

I want that and I want that yesterday.

Have you ever heard those words from a customer?  Okay, maybe not those words exactly…but you have assuredly felt those sentiments when faced with a customer making seemingly impossible demands.  So what do you do in this situation?

Among the many aspects of customer service that your clients will rate you is your speed of service.  I would submit to you that this speed of service is broken down into two key components:

1.)  Rate of Response

2.)  Rate of Delivery

Let’s face it….you want to do all you can to satisfy your customer, but your Rate of Delivery may not be exactly what the customer has in mind.  Doesn’t he know  that it takes 1-2 weeks for that part to come in?  He might, but he doesn’t care.  He’s got a busted ride or a fridge on the fritz.  He wants it fixed on HIS timetable, not yours.

Though your actual delivery time might take longer than you’d like, your Rate of Response will be what makes or breaks the service experience.  Are you giving your customer the impression that you’re moving heaven and earth to make this thing happen?  Are you showing him that he’s a VIP (regardless of the price tag) and that getting this handled is priority 1 for you?  (And yes I realize this means that you’ve got a hundred “priority 1’s” on your desk…again, this is about impressions.)  If the answer is no, then it doesn’t matter how fast you get it done.  If you appear slow on the stick in solving your customer’s problems, then you’ll have an unhappy customer on your hands.

Always do what you can to handle the problem ASAP…but even if that part takes longer than you’d like, show the customer that you’re prompt, punctual, and professional in your response.

QUESTION:  What else can you do to show that VIP mentality to your customers in responding to their service issues?


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